Braganza in US to declare ‘Alaminos is now in business’


Alaminos City Mayor Hernani A. Braganza will be spreading the good news- that Alaminos is Now in Business when he speaks anew in front of his beloved citymates in the United States.

Braganza left for the United States last Thursday for a 12-day working visit that includes stops in West Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco California and the island state of Hawaii.

This is his third official visit to the US since he became the city’s chief executive in 2004. His first visit was in 2006 when he promised to put Alaminos back into the investment map with the help of his citymates.

It was also during that visit that the visionary mayor encouraged all Alaminians to rediscover their city and restore their confidence in Alaminos and together, they declared that Alaminos is now open for business.

Last year, in his second visit to the US, Braganza’s message focused on bridging the gaps in the city with the help of various stakeholders and Alaminians all over the world.

And his appeal for partnership with the city government did not fall on deaf ears as most of his citymates responded to his call.

This is by investing their fortunes into businesses that have benefitted many Alaminians particularly in tourism and readily extended their assistance to their citymates when Alaminos was struck by two powerful typhoons in 2008 and 2009. Various organizations helped fuel emergency relief for the typhoon victims, enabling them to quickly get back on their feet.

This year, Braganza will entice more of his citymates and foreign investors to continue investing in the province’s 4th last largest economy and soon to be global green city.

Aside from expressing gratitude to the California-based Alaminians and Pangasinenses for their various contributions and donations, the mayor will also present on-going and proposed projects in the city, along with investment opportunities.

“Alaminos is now in business,” stressed Braganza in an interview with local media before the send off. “We now have the Pangasinan State University-Alaminos Campus, the Hundred Islands Medical Services Complex, the Alaminos Airport and Hundred Islands Hotel.”

“Our local economy is strong and our income continues to grow each year because of the huge investments poured in by our partners in the business sector.”

Braganza keeps visiting the US not just to honor the invitations of various Alaminian communities as their guest of honor and speaker in different occasions.

He sees this as a golden opportunity to report on the state of his beloved city particularly on what the city government has accomplished for the last 12 months.

The mayor noted that it is just but fitting and proper to share to his citymates what Alaminos is today being their partners in transforming it into more progressive city.

“For the last 5 years, our citymates were very responsive as they continue give back to their city in the form of investments and assistance,” he continued. “Though not totally but gradually, we welcome all of this and we are indeed very thankful to our kabaleyans. ”

“God willing and with their continued support and assistance, the best is yet to come for Alaminos, My City, their City, Our beloved City.” (Repost from


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