Ilocos Sur’s Upland Municipalities to be connected on the worldwide web


Despite their distance to the province’s capital city, the barangays of all the fourteen upland municipalities will soon be connected to the worldwide web. This will be realized if the provincial government’s project of structuring the municipal halls of the eastern municipalities as wi-fi zones will do well making it accessible to internet connection.

According to Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson, if the project will flourish, the communication between the LGUs and the provincial government will become much faster and more effective and there is no need to travel to the capital city to follow-up resolutions and requests. Aside from that, the technology can also be tapped by the relatives of OFWs so that they will not just speak but also see their family members through video chat.

Ilocos Sur Upland Internet Access

Today, families of OFWs in upland municipalities are depending on cellular phones to communicate with their love ones overseas. “We want to establish better communication around the province especially to the barangays in the far flung municipalities. We also want to help the families of our OFWs so that they will be able communicate with them anytime even they are just home” governor said. The second phase of the project will be the establishment of wi-fi zones to all the barangay halls so that even the remote barangays will have an internet connection. Mayor Samuel Subagan of Suyo town wholeheartedly accepted the project and is much thankful that their town became the testing ground of the project.

Although it is not yet fully established and the connection is still time-consuming, it already helped the LGu to facilitate communications with the other LGUs. “Compare to the traditional mail that takes several days to reach the receiver, the project made our work speedy. We are hoping for the best result of this so that all our barangays will be benefitted” the mayor explicate. On the other hand, ABC Pres. Mario Subagan said, he already disseminated the information about the on-going project to his fellow barangay captains in the entire province and they are now waiting the connection be established to their respective barangays.

“This is a commendable project especially if it will be free of charge to all the households as they will have a connection to the world anytime of the day. It is also useful for the students who are doing research works because they can easily find what they need without going to the highway just to have the connection” Subagan added. It is recalled that March this year, satellite TV was established to all barangay halls in the upland municipalities making them accessible to national and international news through television. (Repost from


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