CSF business community lauds “AAA” scheme


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, La Union-Businessmen in this city praised a systematic procedure of fast tracking and upgrading of securing business and individual working permits which is set to be implemented by the City Government, under Mayor Pablo C. Ortega, to perk-up the trade, employment and commercial industry.

Mayor Ortega said that the new three-step-process method will replace the usual 42 steps, deemed taxing for business applicants, before the business permit is released.

San Fernando La Union Business Permits and Licenses“Just file for application at the Permits and Licensing Office (PLO), pay at the Treasurer’s Office the needed payment, get the receipt and then claim your permit. This 3-step process will apply to all business processing,” said Mayor Ortega said and added that the new process will ensure an improved regulatory environment in starting a business which is clear, simple and short.

The new procedure, dubbed in Iluko as “Agaplikar, Agbayad ,Alaen(AAA),” which means to File, Pay and Claim, is an off-shoot from the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s Register, File and Pay scheme, which was launched recently to hasten the paying of taxes and with lesser hitch.It is considered as the improved but simplified Business-One-Stop-Shop procedure.

Simplified, the three simple steps were crafted through the help of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Local Government Academy (LGA) and the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank. It is also under the DILG’s Regulatory Simplification for Local Governments.

“This won’t violate the existing ordinance, it will only simplify it,” Mayor Ortega said.

Melchor Galvez, of the San Fernando City Permits and Licenses Office (CPLO), explained in a radio program, that in order for an applicant to get a license faster, all he has to do is to file its application at the CPLO, pay its filing fee and all other miscellaneous fees at the City Treasury Office, return to the CPLO and get his license or permit.

All clearances such as the electrical, sanitary, health cards and fire inspections will be issued after an already-whole year round annual inspections, which will be now implemented.

“Those with business establishments and its workers that needed to be inspected will be done after they have been issued their permits and licenses that in the process, all else are considered as ‘post requirement process,” Eduardo Posadas, City Health Officer said, referring to health, electrical, sanitary, orientation and fire inspections which were considered one of the burdens of filing before the said scheme.

“This is a big help for us because it is now easier and faster to secure permits and licenses for our businesses,” Antonio Hao, president of the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce in La Union, said as he attended the launching at the Dacanay Hall here.

Julie Daquioag, DILG assistant regional director, said San Fernando is the first and pilot city among the nine cities in Region 1 for the simplification process.

“This (launching) is just the beginning of the new process and we will continue to monitor it because San Fernando was the first to implement it. This new process is very important to help your clients,” Daquioag said.

Marivel Sacendoncillo, LGA executive director, said that the simplified procedure is really a “change-management process” which will improve the local government’s delivery of services in the business sector.

“Streamlining the business licensing system is a change-management process for local governments which have been used to having layers of signatories before a permit is issued,” Sacendoncillo said.

The filing of permits and licenses for business and individual workers starts in October, which will be expected the effect of the new scheme which, Ofelia Mendoza, license and permits officer, said. “By January, when securing of their permits is at its peak, their applications are released.” (William Jun Garcia-City Media Bureau)


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